IETC Proposals

The Learning Technology Center is excited to host the 31st annual Illinois Education & Technology Conference, and we want you to be a part of it!  

Dates: November 13-15, 2024
Location: Springfield, Illinois
Questions: Please direct questions to

Please visit our Exhibitor Registration form at 

Presentation Details

Market your session to conference participants and to the IETC Program Committee with a creative and accurate title. 255 character limit. Title may be edited for length or grammatical errors.
Session Description
Your description should answer questions such as:

  • What is the question, issue, or problem that your session will address?
  • Why is it important to educators?
  • How will it change a practice(s) in ways that increase educator and/or student success?
  • What research, theory, data, or best practices will you use to ground your session and introduce it to participants?
350 Word Limit

Learning Objectives
Think about the intended impact of the session and how it fills a need or solves a problem. Begin the objective with a measurable verb. 300 Character Limit
Learning Objective #1 Learning Objective #2 Learning Objective #3
Participant Interaction
Based on the format you selected, describe how you will engage the participants in your session. What methods will you use to involve participants? And how will you ensure participant engagement throughout the session? Interactive sessions are strongly preferred. 300 Character Limit

Presentation Details Cont.

Presentation Preferences

All conference correspondence will be sent to all presenters listed below. To add Co-Presenter(s), please click the Add Co-Presenter link at the bottom. 

Your cell phone will only be used if your
proposal is accepted and we need to
contact you in an emergency.

Never written a presenter bio? It should be written in 3rd person and can include your current profession, years of experience, awards or achievements, and social media contact details. Google "Speaker Bio Template" for examples and tips.

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